" AI is likely to be the best thing to happen to Humanity "

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World is pacing fast towards AI revolution if you dont catch up you will be left behind

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About AI Village

Ai Village is a multifaceted organisation with an exceptional proficiency in Training, Innovations, Incubations and Entrepreneurship.The main objective is to kindle the entrepreneurial spirit among students, and provide customized support to pioneering business ideas with high growth potential by extending academic support to students. This unique program offers students hands-on skills and an opportunity to kick start their career.Training is provided in different domains such as Artificial intelligence, Data Science and Python.

Why AI Village?

  • More than 6 years experience in the field of software development
  • Our primary objective is to create an Artificial Intelligence based startup village with emphasis on cutting edge technologies which will revolutionize our foreseeable future for better
  • we aspires to support innovations / incubations / entrepreneurship by extending administrative, academic and financial support to students through R&D support, L&D Support, start-up grants, patent facilitation, and Entrepreneurship support.

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