3d printing is a trending mode or medium approached to sculpt up anything and everything that we have in mind.It is known as an additive manufacturing.This will change the style of manufacturing in future as it can manufacture prototype designs as well as personalized designs easily.3d printing has its applications in architecture,engineering,construction,industrial design,automotive,aerospace,military,dental,medical,jewelry designing,decor,fashion industry, and many more

About The Course

We will teach you the complete process of creation.Our qualified professionals will teach you the working of a 3d printer inside out.Learn about the failed 3d prints.Trouble shoot errors and learn to fix an STL file.

In our course you will learn
  • 3D Modelling using Blender and OpenSCAD
  • 3d printing technology and general principles.
  • Robotics, Quadcopter and Model Parts with 3D Printing
  • 2D to 3D using Photogrammetry, Cad, UV Textures
  • CNC & Laser Cutting Techniques and CAsting Techniques
  • Mould Making using 3D printing and its applications
  • Hands-on at 3D printer to design 3D object ,3d material and design concepts.