Artificial Intelligence In Robotics

Artificial Intelligence is a broader topic compromising of other important correlating platforms. I would like others to know what I have known about the AI and would like to impart that knowledge I have gained. The interest I took in knowing and understanding the AI. We are in a world of AI where people have been using AI one way or the other but does not know what AI is. My views on artificial intelligence has changed gradually. Here I would like to cite down few examples of AI for an easy understanding. The mail reason for AI's growth is the convenience it gives for the economic development. Few of the artificial intelligence examples include Robots manufactured, Smart assistants, proactive healthcare management, disease mapping, virtual travel agent, social media monitoring, inter team chat tool, marketing conversion bot, NLP tools (natural language processing).

I would like to explain how artificial intelligence has helped robot building very well. I have been hearing of robots since childhood and seeing movies that shows how powerful and dangerous are robots at times. As far as I know everything in the movies that we have seen is completely fabricated and in comparable to what AI Robots are seen in the current world. The use of robots have been a bit more when compared with recent years. We have no idea whether these robots will be more intelligent or how extensively will their services be used in future. Robots are AI powered machines that does not possess any natural intelligence yet they have limited thinking capacity and problem solving skills.

Let me share with you some examples I have seen when I have attended technology events in Dubai. Its features and capability with AI integration are cleared mentioned.

IROBOT have come up with a smart vacuum robot Roomba 980 that is trending from a couple of years. These robots can identify any room size, identify obstacles and charge itself when the battery is being depleted. It doesn't require any human assistance at all. Roomba 980 is the model. The best thing is that it will remember the most efficient routes need to be cleaned when it comes to scheduling a regular floor clean up.

Hanson Robotics build humanoid robots that can communicate and have expressions like humans and named it Sophia. These Robots have been seen on talk shows over the past few years like a celebrity they have gained attention. It is said that one of these robots have a citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

Have you heard of Olly made by Emotech, UK? It is something like Google’s Alexa but the only difference is that it has an evolving personality. It can understand a user’s verbal attire, facial expression and make situational suggestions. It is a small robotic table top assistant with movement capability. Olly asks you "how your day was" when it sees u resting your head after a long day and suggest music that blends with the mood.