Android is everywhere around us. From mobile phones to smart TVs , smart watches to tablets, everything works on android.This module will teach you about the basic structure of what you have to learn about android, every important aspect of developing an application.

About The Course

You will learn to run android on emulator and device as our experts will help you dive deep into the application of android.Our panel of experts will be very helpful to share the knowledge and clear all your doubts in android app making. Your passion to make Android games can be learned and explored in a better environment at AI village. You can make widgets, customize grid view, list view etc and add audio ,video and database before publishing the final creation to google play.

In our course you will learn
  • Basics and architecture of android, android studio setup
  • Activity lifecycle, DDMS,event listener
  • Activities intents,fragments, notifications,customizing widgets
  • End to end app development,database framework, social media integration.