SPOT -the robotic dog

Dogs are abundant. I am talking about living dogs. Have you ever imagined of a dog that walks and does things like a real dog?

I introduce to you SPOT , a meager Robotic dog Developed by Boston Dynamics. The rise of technology has increased accuracy and quality adopting artificial intelligence along with the robotics. Spot is a semi autonomous 4 legged robotic dog developed by Boston dynamics.The robotic dog was a revolutionary innovation to this world. We have only seen such dogs in movies and animations.Massachusetts State Police (MSP)has rendered the services of SPOT because of its excellent features to sense and solve their issues that kept happening regularly. It was documented by American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts that SPOT was used by the US police force in 2 incidents that occurred recently . Boston Dynamics started leasing out SPOT in September as a benefiting robot helper to construction, oil and gas fields etc. At police stations where more mishaps occur, SPOT could serve the police officers efficiently by identifying any suspicious people, bombs, sensing harmful gases and checking packages that are felt suspicious.Use of robot technology is a valuable asset to the enforcement team because of its capability to address situational awareness of environments that can possibly bring any potential danger.

Spot's features:

  • 1 Top speed of 3 MPH
  • 2 90 minutes of average run time
  • 3 can carry up to 30 pounds
  • 4 Extendable arm
  • 5 360 degree low light camera