Cyber Truck from Tesla - A revolutionary machine

With an unparalleled appeal , an appeal that we thought would never be realistic for a vehicle has finally been launched. Tesla's CEO Elon Musk introduced the Cyber truck which is an obscure combination of design and technology.It is an angular truck that is fully electric and made of stainless steel.Its mind blowing unique look makes it stand out from any other vehicle designed.Even though the window glass was shattered when the designer hit the glass with a hammer, the Tesla Cyber truck has approached a 250,000 Pre order within a week. Electric trucks colloquially known as EV's on a global scale. EV's acceptance has brought in a lot of changes to the resource consumption and pollution of the atmosphere.In 2018 more than 5 million EV's where sold out.Canada has been slow with adopting EV' vehicles.

Tesla has integrated many of its features to one single truck.Offering a truck with so many technologies will always be a happy thing for the customers.Cyber truck comes with a stainless steel body, Lithium ion battery,software and hardware for self driving and a solar roof option to boost the vehicles power.This is a feature that can never be seen in any other vehicle ever made.

Most gasoline vehicles have an efficiency of 17 to 21 percent. Converting electric energy into power to use the wheels will be 59 to 62 percent in EV's. This is a n advantage for the performance of the vehicle.A Substantial aerodynamic shape makes the cyber truck a better performer than other non electric trucks.

Key features

  • 1.Unique Seating Capacity
  • 2.Ultra hard 30X strong stainless steel body
  • 3.Armored glass
  • 4 Stainless steel shell that can resist any major damage.
  • 5.Single motor rear wheel drive gives 250 miles
  • 6 Dual motor all wheel drive gives 300 miles,
  • 7 Tri motor all wheel 500 miles
  • 8 Can tow 14000 pounds.
  • 9 Magic Tonneau cover
  • 10 On board plug and use option
  • 11 4 inch adaptive air suspension
  • 12 Self leveling feature